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DragonBox Algebra Study


DragonBox Algebra is a commercial game published by Kahoot! and available for Android and iOS devices. It is marketed to educators, parents, and children as letting players learn to solve algebraic equations simply by playing through the game. The game presents players with puzzles using art of various fish and bug-like creatures, and transitions over the course of the game to using numbers and algebraic symbols – first alongside the creatures and then in place of them.


The game is organized into chapters; completing the levels in each chapter contributes to the growth of an associated dragon which lives in the titular DragonBox.


While the DELTA lab team did not design the DragonBox Algebra game, we were nonetheless interested in understanding the games’ effectiveness in guiding learners through the process of learning to solve algebraic equations. In particular, we found that the existing research record lacked a clear depiction of what the process of playing the game is like for learners in 5th through 9th grades – grades where algebra is typically introduced and taught. We are currently conducting a small qualitative interview study to begin to explore student experiences with DragonBox Algebra. This initial effort may lead to additional studies with the app.


The DELTA Lab’s work with DragonBox Algebra is being led by ASU PhD student and graduate assistant Jeremy Bernier. PhD candidates Jesse Ha and Man Su and PhD student Lin Yan are also contributing to the project; the team is working under the supervision of Brian Nelson as the faculty PI.


The DELTA lab has no relationship with the publishers or developers of DragonBox Algebra.

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