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Dr Discovery

Dr Discovery

The Ask Dr. Discovery project is an intuitive, user-friendly smartphone app that encourages museum visitors to engage deeply with museum content by posing questions to a virtual scientist astronaut called Dr. Discovery, who provides answers and fun mini-challenges.



Computer Science for Arizona ( is a multi-pronged effort to support K12 computer science education in Arizona. The CSforAZ team is working to have an impact on CE teaching through innovative courses offered at Arizona State University, online continuing education PD modules, collaboration with industry through groups such as TEALs, policy initiatives through the CSforAZ task force, and research into supporting teachers and students as they grow their computing education knowledge and skills.

SAVE Science

Situated Assessments Using Virtual Environments (SAVE)  Science is a collaborative research project between researchers at  University of Maryland, College Park, Temple University and Arizona State University focused on creating an innovative model for assessment of learning in STEM. In SAVE Science, we are implementing game-based assessment modules for evaluating science content and inquiry in grades 7-8


Scaffolding Understanding by Redesigning Games for Education (SURGE) explores the integration of popular game play dynamics with research from the learning sciences, psychology, science education, and computer science to support players in developing robust understandings of core scientific and analytic concepts and processes. 


With the Simlandia virtual world, we are conducting a systematic program of study to identify cognitive-processing based design approaches that may provide additional learning power to virtual world-based situated inquiry curriculum by reducing learner cognitive load. 

River City

River City is an interactive computer simulation for middle grades science students to learn scientific inquiry and 21st century skills. As visitors to River City, students travel back in time, bringing their 21st century skills and technology to address 19th century problems. Students work together in small research teams to help the town understand why residents are becoming ill. 

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