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ACT Project

Computing Education

ACT draws upon the collective knowledge and experience of a strong multi-disciplinary team, situated in two well-established research groups—the Designing Equitable Learning, Teaching, and Research (DELTA) lab at Arizona State University (ASU) and the Center for Science and Technology in Education (CSTE) at the University of Maryland (UMD) —and school districts in Arizona, Maryland, and Washington, DC. 

The team includes:


  • Brian Nelson (PI)

  • Francheska Figuero (Postdoc)

  • Janice Mak (Postdoc)

  • Jesse Ha (GA)

  • Man Su (GA)

  • Jeremy Bernier (GA)

  • Lin Yan (GA)

  • Caroline Carlson (District Lead Consultant)



  • Diane Jass Ketelhut (PI)

  • Ebony Terrell Shockley (Co-PI)

  • Ashley Nicole Coon (Postdoc)

  • Kristina Kramarczuk (GA)

  • Yue Xin (GA)

  • Troy Sadler (External Evaluator)

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